(866) 960-8263 “Study America” Takes Over From Independent Voter Research

It’s a different voice, but just about exactly the same script as the call from (866) 540-3140. Similar demographic questions as before too.

The only difference from the old script was that when out of boredom I lied and said I was undecided, it asked me if I had voted early by absentee and which way I was leaning. Don’t know if that’s an addition to the old script or if the new voice also asks that if you say you are voting for Obama. The robot also asked about the Senate race, but didn’t offer me the chance to be undecided.

Now that I’m undecided, perhaps the Romney campaign will now spend more money wooing me?

I called (866) 960-8263 to find out who they are. This produces “Thank you for calling Study America. We’re sorry that we missed you. All agents are unavailable at this time. Have a nice day.” Then it hangs up. That’s not identical to what I got calling the old number, but it’s similar enough.

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10 Responses to (866) 960-8263 “Study America” Takes Over From Independent Voter Research

  1. j e q says:

    I have gotten three calls from this organization and each time I have lied with my answers. Sometimes I’m male, sometimes female, once Black, once Hispanic and once Asian. Sometimes I’ve already voted, sometimes I’m independent, sometimes for Mittney and sometimes for Obama. Too bad politicians are wasting their millions on inaccurate polls :~{ Wish I had just $100 of all this wasted money to donate to a food pantry.

  2. Liberty Rat says:

    Exactly. They’re polling the same exact phone numbers over-and-over.
    That isn’t accurate at all. 3rd time for “Study America”, 2nd time for “Independent Voter Research”. That’s not including the coersion calls I’ve gotten on behalf of both political parties. Shame on you, politicians. You gather information from the same people over and over. Your results are BIASED, inconclusive, and inaccurate. Crooked-assed politicians. Crooked-assed media.

  3. Rosemary Peppercorn says:

    They just called me. I lied on all 4 questions, too. Doesn’t everyone who resents getting automatic calls?

  4. Mike Zimmel says:

    I ask to speak to a manager everytime I call and ask for a phone number of their corp. office. Each time I either get hung up on or I get a phone number that leads to the same automated message “thank you for calling… no one avialable… bye”

    Yesterday, they called me 18 times in a 4 hours period. I’d fild a harassment suit if anyone can tell me who they are!!!

  5. Karen says:

    They’re not polling you! There are two possibilities that are much more likely. First, they probably represent a campaign to see if you’ve voted or not, so they can get the info to the GOTV crew to make sure you get to the polls. Second, they are “pre-qualifying” you to see if they should follow up with a human caller, depending on the demographics and information they have already and that you give them on the phone.

    Campaigns are way more advanced these days.

  6. Sandy says:

    I received a call from Study America that went like this. Auto call…”We are an independent organization conducting a poll regarding the upcoming election, but first we need to ask a couple of questions to establish demographics. Are you male or female? I answered “female” and heard the click of the call ending. I was infuriated, so I started calling them back over and over again for the next half hour. I never reached a live person, but I can only hope I caused some annoyance to them. We’re they polling only men who are more apt to vote for Romney?

  7. Mathew says:

    It’s funny to see people with comspiracy theories about this poll. Thos poll collects the exact same information no matter what you choose. I’ve seen Democrats complaining that once they answer Obama stops asking questions, but it does the same for anyone else. It’s not a push poll, they don’t come on the line live and try to talk you into somethings. It’s just taking a survey.

  8. Gunther says:

    The thing that annoyed me and made me feel like providing incorrect answers is that the “poll” robot launched right into questions without ANY identification of who was calling. Why should I tell some random robot approximately what age group I am and why should I tell some random robot what gender I am? Some stalker could do the same thing. If the poll identified itself first, I might have been more klikely to trust it. But, not this time.

  9. Petals says:

    Got a call today on a Pennsylvania number but I live and voted in Ohio. Woman recording identified Study America up front. The robocall let me answer all questions. Didn’t ask what state I voted in. Said Study America, address, Arlington, VA and ph number at end. Didn’t catch the PO Box or phone number.

  10. COMFY says:

    IT’s Barry O’BAMA Group Acorn that’s Fkin With Us.
    Vote this Dumb As OUT!

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