I Didn’t Expect It So Soon

From Naked Capitalism, Police State Watch: NYPD to Install Checkpoints, Demand ID in Lower Manahttan on OWS Anniversary:

As it happens, I am teaching a seminar on the Regulation of Identification, and also writing about it. Timely!

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One Response to I Didn’t Expect It So Soon

  1. Vic says:

    Add to that an Administration (and others) who think that just because some yahoos halfway around the world MIGHT have gotten worked up about (among many other things) some silly film made by an idiot, that our First Amendment nows allows the Government to speak out against and perhaps censor speech that MIGHT upset SOMEONE. Implying that murderous rage is the EXPECTED result when you insult someone’s religion.

    Happy Constitution Day. It was fun while it lasted.

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