I’m Back (Herein of the Downballot in Tuesday’s Primary)

I’m back (temporarily). Almost half the messages on my answering machine were robocalls from the Gimenez for Mayor campaign.

I really pains me that I’m going to vote for this man, who seems very anti-worker, but the alternative is worse.

Similarly, I’m going to vote to re-elect Katherine Fernandez Rundle as State Attorney, despite being quite underwhelmed by the performance on public corruption cases over the years. But again, the alternative is worse.

I don’t get to vote against Erik Fresen, my local state rep (District 114), who has a contested Republican primary. This water-carrier for gambling interests does not deserve your vote if you have one in that primary.

I do get to vote against Senator Nelson if I want to, and I do, but the problem is that his opponent would be roadkill in the general election. So it’s probably Nelson or nothing.

I don’t get to vote in FL-26 congressional, but I’ll be rooting for Joe Garcia.

But then there’s the down ballot.

The Herald has endorsed Carlos Lopez-Cantera for property appraiser (perhaps because his wife works for the paper?), but Lopez-Cantera’s career in the state house and his chumminess with Rick Scott does not make me a fan. I think I’ll vote to keep the incumbent, Pedro Garcia.

This will probably get me hate mail, but I will vote No on 500 — which is a vote to retain the pit bull ban. Don’t like ’em, don’t think we need more of them.

Looking at the sample ballot for Tuesday, I see a ton of Democratic Party offices are up for election. First I’ve heard about it. How on earth do I get information about how to vote on these?

I may write up something about the judges tomorrow if I have the time. But in case I don’t, be sure to vote line 89, for Diana Gonzalez as Miami-Dade County Judge; this is vote to unseat Ana Maria Pando, who misused official letterhead to help a campaign contributor. In a poll of local attorneys, 60% (!!!) voted Judge Pando unqualified. 60%!

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2 Responses to I’m Back (Herein of the Downballot in Tuesday’s Primary)

  1. Concerned citizen says:

    Watch this and then make your choice.

  2. Voter says:

    It seems you have a lot to opine about judges and politicians being for the people or not, and doing what’s right and wrong, but then if you don’t agree with none of their ways why are you such an asshole with everyone?

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