Someone Is Having a Bad Day

Unqualified Offerings, Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be responsible:

It occurs to me that most of my frustration in life is a product of actually believing my mother and grandparents and teachers. They usually said something about how we need to work hard and be responsible and be on top of deadlines because when we’re older people will expect that from us. Well, what are the things that cause me the greatest aggravation, the things that get me ranting? Chiefly, I get aggravated over the fact that lazier people make more money than me and the fact that companies expect payment from me on time but generally dick around and screw up and take their good-natured time on actually doing whatever it is they’re supposed to do in exchange for that payment.

If I had ignored my mother and grandparents and teachers, I’d be a happier person.

Another vote for the pig over Socrates.

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  1. Joseph Froomkin says:

    Read it incorrectly, did not notice the attribution. For a short period, until Maya corrected me, was surprised and happy.

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