Romney “Gets Worse”

In Mitt Gets Worse: Julie Goodridge the lead plaintiff in the lawsuit that brought same-sex marriage to Massachusetts discusses her interaction with Mitt Romney.

It’s pretty powerful stuff. Kathleen Henry’s account of Romney’s first support then destruction of projects designed to support gay and lesbian youth is also notable.

The videos are part of a larger Mitt Gets Worse campaign regarding Romney’s stance on LGBT issues, designed to portray Romney as someone who puts political expediency above principle:

The Mitt Gets Worse project is an oral history of Mitt Romney’s efforts to diminish the rights and the freedoms of LGBT Americans, told by the brave people who have fought back against Mitt’s anti-equality agenda.

When Mitt Romney ran for the US Senate in 1994, he claimed he would be better on LGBT rights than Ted Kennedy. Today, Mitt is one of the most outspoken enemies of the LGBT community, and he’s campaigning for president on an extreme and inhumane platform.

As a politician, Mitt Romney has earned a reputation as a flip-flopper — changing his positions in whatever direction furthers his career. But when it comes to LGBT issues, there’s one thing you can always count on: Mitt Gets Worse.

The Mitt Gets Worse project is powered by grassroots supporters and LGBT activists, and supported by American Bridge 21st Century and Courage Campaign Super PAC.

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