Local Food Note

Some time ago I blogged about the death of the Smoke’t near the UM campus which was to make way for a Shake Shack. I drove by the other day, and it didn’t look like a lot was going on there. Online, however, I learn that Shake Shake is due to open here in “June 2012”, which would be…now? On the other hand, the official Shake Shake page just says “this summer”. But Craigslist has them hiring. So maybe soon?

From Danny Meyer, the founder of the chain, I find that we’re going to be part of an odd pairing:

We’re going into Coral Gables, Florida, right across from the University of Miami. We’re going into New Haven, just adjacent to Yale.

Which I think will make us the only two universities outside New York City with one near by.

As for Smoke’t (I never noticed the apostrophe before — I thought of it as “Smoke T” not “smoked”), rumors of its rebirth in South Miami are not confirmed by their website, which says nothing about any relocation or reopening.

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