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OK, technically yesterday, but even so: Romney: ‘I’m Not Familiar Precisely With Exactly What I Said, But I Stand By What I Said Whatever It Was’.

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  1. George Igler says:

    Dear Prof. Froomkin,

    You will I hope excuse my presumption in seeking to contact you.

    I was wondering whether you might consider selling me this domain name? I am in the process of establishing a European organisation called the Discourse Institute, which will be a legal body designed to combat the increasing erosion of free speech in Western Europe (imprisonment is now commonplace).

    Such a catchy domain as this one would be perfect for our needs, and though of course I understand fully if you’d not be interested in selling, were you willing to do so I would do all in my power to get you a price you would be more than happy with.

    If you might be interested please don’t hesitate to contact me at the email address I gave to make this comment.

    With thanks and best wishes,


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