We Robot 2012 Today

We Robot 20112 starts in less than an hour.

I had dinner with many of the speakers last night, and I was delighted to find that one of my aims for the event seems to be coming true: many of the participants talked about the pleasure of finding — creating — a community of people with an interest in robots and society (law, economics, ethics, policy, medicine and more). There were even some people with ambitious plans to create community-building institutions.

Thanks in large part to the heroic efforts of Jessi Tamayo and the UM Law conference staff everything seems to be running like clockwork. Except the weather: it’s not just raining, it’s thundering, which is pretty unusual for Miami. I guess the bright side is that the conference participants will be less likely to mind being indoors all day — we do have a long program planned.

There will be a Live Video Stream and also a Live Video Stream For Mobile Devices. Plus links to all the papers for We Robot 2012. And we’ll be tweeting the event with hashtag #werobot.

Join in the fun!

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