Why Can’t They Just Get Along?

Assume that Mitt Romney is going to be the GOP nominee eventually. It’s clear that a slice of the base would rather have Rick Santorum and that they are not going to give up easily. Thus, any friend of the party must be concerned that the ongoing battle will just bleed Romney’s campaign of funds, and provide soundbites for Obama to use against him in the general election.

Isn’t it time, therefore, that all friends of the Republican Party urged Mitt Romney to promise to make Santorum his vice presidential nominee in exchange for his support, and thus unify the party before the internecine fighting becomes too much?

Or, they could just let the food fight escalate and provide free entertainment for Democrats.

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One Response to Why Can’t They Just Get Along?

  1. Vic says:


    A). A lot of conservatives immensely dislike ALL of the candidates, including Romney and Santorum and don’t care how much either of them are bled in the meantime, or even whether they eventually beat Obama, because,

    B). The Congress is the real battleground.

    Seriously. Obama hasn’t really been able to do much, even when he had a clear majority in both houses. As that eroded, he was able to do even less. Even his healthcare law had to be passed through Congressional procedural trickery (some would say unconstitutionally), and likely won’t pass the Supreme Court anyway. When the Republicans take the Senate, then he will become nullity. THAT is the real conservative goal, not these nimrods running for Obama’s job.

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