Elections Should Be About Important Things

If the 2012 election feels hollow, this might be why. Such a massive Constitutional redesign of our American order should be debated, and a Presidential race is the right forum in which to do so. But since that’s not happening, social conflict a few years down the road is probably the more likely path.

Matt Stoller at naked capitalism

He’s writing about all the terrible things we’re learning about banks robosigning foreclosure documents…learning it conveniently days after the government has (robo?)signed off on a whitewash deal for the perpetrators. Worst fact: it’s still happening.

The thing about that quote is that it could just as easily have been about civil liberties, such as the Obama-Holder view that they can terminate any US citizen with extreme prejudice without bothering to have the slightest judicial process. Of course right now the other side probably is unhappy they haven’t killed more citizens…

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  1. howard says:

    I wasn’t enthusiastic about Obama a few months back because of his support of coup in honduras and many, many other things that this post alludes to… but i just put his bumper sticker on my car because the alternative is much, much worse. i cannot imagine anything much worse than romney… would actually be happier with santorum as prez.

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