Central Florida School Outsourced to Scientology

I’m trying hard not to think about all the terrible things that Rick Scott and the Republican state legislature are doing to this state, but sometimes it’s impossible to avert one’s eyes. See the whole train wreck at Controversy over Scientology influence clouds future of Pinellas charter school.


Some parents and former teachers at Life Force, which receives about $800,000 a year in public funding, say the Pinellas County charter school has become a Scientology recruiting post targeting children.

Opened to serve a low-income Clearwater neighborhood and advertising classes in computers and modern dance, Life Force had begun pushing Hubbard’s “study technology,” which critics call a Trojan horse Scientology uses to infiltrate public classrooms.

And while Life Force students and teachers worked in poorly stocked classrooms and teachers went unpaid, the bankrupt school funneled tens of thousands of dollars more to Islam’s business interests than she told the bankruptcy court she would charge.

Clearwater is on Florida’s west coast, not far from Tampa/St.Pete.

Spotted via Crooks & Liars, Charter School or Scientology Center? Education In Rick Scott’s Florida

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  1. Joe says:

    Robert Heinlein said some bad things about L. Ron Hubbard. Hubbard had been in the military during WWII. I think opportunist may have been the mildest pejorative Heinlein used.

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