The Stephen Colbert Phenomenon

It began with ‘I am a Super PAC and So Can You’. Then Colbert turned over his Super PAC to Jon Stewart in order to enable the creation of a Presidential exploratory committee … and then Colbert was interviewed on ABC’s This Week about his Presidential ambitions by no less than George Stephanopoulos.

Colbert chewed him up and spit him out.

The Super PAC has hit the ground running. It began its new independent-from-Colbert incarnation with this instant classic advertisement, Mitt Romney (Serial Killer):

Then they went after Newt Gingrich in Double Negative:

And now he’s released the totally unrelated Super PAC has released this latest Herman Cainiod jem:

In addition to these acts of national conscious-raising, Colbert has already forced Huntsman from the race. Huntsman withdrew when polling showed Colbert running ahead of Huntsman in South Carolina.

But wait. Do you think a comedian should not be messing with the important business of picking a GOP candidate? Not to worry, the Colbert Super PAC agrees, and is running an anti-Colbert commercial too:

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