Going to AALS 2012 in Washington, DC

I haven’t been to the AALS in a long time — maybe not since 2005? — but I’m going this year. The American Association of Law Schools annual convention is the largest meeting of US-based law professors, with some 2,500 attendees. It’s part trade association meeting, part academic conference, part social event. I’m not convinced it does any of those three things terribly well, although there were always some sections that I thought put on good programs including the section on Administrative Law and the section on the Internet and Computer Law.

The main reason I’m going is that I’m speaking on the Internet and Computer Law Section’s panel on the “The Legal and Policy Implications of the Internet Kill Switch,” scheduled for 4:00-5:45 p.m. on Friday, January 6th in Delaware Suite A on the Lobby Level of the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. I think it will be an interesting panel, and I will post my slides once they are more polished.

I’ll also be doing some publicity for the online law journal I edit, Jotwell, plus hosting an informal event for Jotwell editors and reviewed authors.

As usual, I’ve neglected the social side, so please email me if you are reading this and want to get together. I’ll be around Thursday – Saturday.

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