Smoke t No More

Local BBQ joint Smoke t seems to have closed three days ago, or so I discovered at lunch today.

Apparently, I’m the last to know that the location will become Shake Shack.

Smoke t always seemed busy when I went there, and I would have thought they were coining it. Either I was wrong, or the gurus at Shake Shake made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

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3 Responses to Smoke t No More

  1. peter lederer says:

    It’s a bit far to go for lunch, but Woods Pit BBQ in Bantam, CT is — as the old Michelin used to say “worth the trip”….

    • Generally, although food in Miami is very good, BBQ has not been one of the strong suits. The stuff we get in North Carolina is in a whole different league.

      And Smoke t was not the best BBQ even in this town, but it was very very close to campus, and a pleasant atmosphere too.

  2. Melanie Spencer says:

    When I was there last, a couple of weeks ago, there was a notice saying that they were going to re-open in a new location somewhere in S.Miami. I’m not sure if this is happening but we can at least hold out some hope.

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