Jotwell Could Use Your Help

The ABA Journal has just sent out requests for nominations of law-related blogs that it should consider for its Blawg 100 list. Although Jotwell (aka The Journal of Things We Like Lots) is not exactly a blog — it’s at least as much an online law journal — I’d love to have it included in the ABA list because I’d very much want to get the word out about Jotwell to the legal profession. We have a gratifyingly broad readership among law professors, but have not made great inroads among practicing lawyers.

Unfortunately for me, the rules of game are that you can’t nominate a blog you write yourself — so I think even though I edit Jotwell rather than write it, that lets me out. But perhaps there is someone reading here who also reads Jotwell and could take the time to write up to 500 great characters and submit them via Blawg 100 Amici form? (Please feel free to post a copy here too, if you wish.) Nominations are due by Sept. 9:

Use the Blawg 100 Amici form to tell us about a blawg——not your own——that you read regularly that you think other lawyers should know about. If there is more than one blawg you want to support, please send us additional amici through the form. We may include some of the best comments in our Blawg 100 coverage. But keep your remarks pithy——you have a 500-character limit.

Editors make the final decisions about what’s included in the Blawg 100; this isn’t a scenario in which the blawgs that receive the most amici are the ones that make the list. A blawg with no amici support at all can still make our list. See the amici form page for additional information about amici and Blawg 100 criteria.

Friend-of-the-blawg briefs are due no later than Friday, Sept. 9.

Thank you.

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