PolitiFact Florida Calls Again

This time the question was: Sen. Alan Hays says ‘Legislature’ didn’t file lawsuit to fight redistricting amendment.

And PolitiFact (based in part on an email interview in which I explained some basic Civ Pro II) rates it, rightly, as “barely true” since it is true only in the most technical sense — the House is a plaintiff-intervenor, not the originator of the lawsuit.

Amendments 5 & 6 are two of the few decent things to come out of recent Florida politics, and the attempts by entrenched politicians — Republican gerrymanders and their ethnic-enclave Democrats co-dependents — is the sort of behavior whose failure to shock is the surest proof of the overwhelming outrage fatigue gripping so much of the state population.

Not surprisingly, according to a related PolitiFact inquiry, Sen. Hayes flat-out lied about who was paying for the House’s part of the lawsuit.

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