GIGANet Doubleheader in DC May 5-6

I’ll be speaking not once but twice at the GIGANet conference being held at American University’s School of International Service in Washington, D.C., May 5 & May 6. The title of the conference is Global Internet Governance: Research and Public Policy Challenges for the Next Decade. The first day is public-policy-oriented, and I’m on a panel at 11am on “IP addressing in the new age of scarcity” — an exciting topic given the warp-speed developments over at ARIN. (That link is a bit obscure, but trust me, this is a big deal.)

The second day is more academic, and I’ll be discussing my recent paper on ICANN’s “Affirmation of Commitments” on the first panel, at 9am, alongside presentations by Jonathan Weinberg and Konstantinos Komaitis, which I consider to be most excellent company.

The whole thing is almost a Who’s Who of governance-of-internet studies including many foreign speakers. There’s a keynote by Assistant Secretary for Commerce Larry Strickling at 12:30 on May 5. Admission to the event is free, but you should register if you plan to go. And they say that if you email before May 1, you can get free guest parking — otherwise parking is either difficult or expensive. There’s also going to be remote access, see details at the link above.

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