Electioneering Report – April 7, 2011

One phone call, two mailers. The phone call was picked up by my answering machine about 1:30pm. It featured the very nice recorded voice of Nancy Sanabria asking my answering machine to support her husband. Great sound quality too. Probably the nicest robocall I’ve gotten yet. (Pity about the candidate’s politics.)

Like yesterday’s robocall, today’s Sanabria mailer touts his endorsement by Ralph Cabrera.

Speaking as just another confused voter, I personally don’t find this much of a selling point, since I couldn’t tell you much about Mr. Cabera, but that may say more about my faults then about either of them.

The mail also brought a mailer from the temperamental Richard Martin. Although the pictures below are the same size as I’ve been using for the other mailers, this one is actually only about half as big. It’s not very slick, as you might expect from a campaign with a more limited budget.

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  1. Whatsup says:

    Mr. Froomkin, it is also somewhat of a pity that after praising a candidate’s wife for her robo call you find it necessary to put down the candidate by expressing pity over what you call,the candidates politics. you know, you could, maybe, be wrong on this. Have been studying at depth all of the candidates aptitudes, backgrounds, etc., and, frankly, I have to say, coffee meeting aside, pre-established prejudices aside, you just may be wrong on this one. Lets see.

    • AnEconomist? says:

      Of course Froomkin is right about Sanabria’s politics–he’s a builder not an economist and everyone who can read knows that.
      And Nancy Sanabria does have a nice voice.
      And Ralph Cabrera’s endorsement only means that birds of a feather flock together…developer interests, developer dollars, sad politics.

  2. michael says:

    Anyone can be wrong about anything. It could be, for example, that Mr. Sanabria was wrong to vote to move the UDB and that despite his personal qualities this is a good reason to think he’s not the perfect candidate. I think that were it not for the UDB we’d have even worse development outcomes than we have ended up with. It’s a good thing. I think that people who vote to weaken it have political instincts that I do not agree with.

    That is s substantive reply to your substance-free shilling. Please feel free to respond with a defense of why we should vote for candidates with a track record of undermining the UDB.

    You can, if you wish, call concern about the environment and about managed developoment policies a “prejudice” — although I don’t think that’s either nice or appropriate. I prefer to think of it as a bias, the difference being that a prejudice is unreasoning and unyielding, while a bias is a leaning, sometimes even one based on knowledge or experience, that can be overcome with evidence. I admit to a pro-environment bias.

    • AnEconomist? says:

      not only did Gonzo vote to move the UDB he never even voted in a Gables election until he ran two years ago for the commission.
      He told the Herald he was too busy making money to find the time to vote. What a sad course of events that he would even run again.
      Gonzo, who claims he’s economist though he only has an undergraduate degree. Well, this race should be he also spent over $100.000 of his own money to lose

  3. A.Weiner says:

    answers from 2 mayoral candidates to 6 questions related to walking, biking, transit, street safety, etc.

  4. Just me says:

    Last night, while watching the Bulls v. Celtics game on on TNT, I saw three commercials for Coral Gables candidates 1) Don Slesnick; 2) William Kerdyk; and 3) Tom Korge (I was half asleep at this point, so it may have been someone else).

    I don’t recall seeing any commercials for this race before last night, and all of a sudden I see commercials run by three separate candidates during a single basketball game. Seems like a step up in spending may be upon us.

  5. Antonio says:

    Prof. Froomkin makes a good point. Me, i’m not all that upset about the UDB, which is very misunderstood (it’s a half-ass, haphazard “line”). In some cases it should be “moved,” in others it shouldn’t. When in doubt, i do agree it should NOT be “moved.”

    That said, the same people who are all aghast about the UDB issue fight any urban “infill” projects tooth and nail. In Gables, these people ranted and railed against Merrick Park, Whole Foods, a lot of what UM did recently and some of the newer commercial buildings along U.S. 1.

    Yet these projects turned out mostly fine. Some people will disagree, as is their right. But then some people will disagree with almost any commercial development.

    So the moral for me is…. some development is good, some is bad. All depends.

    “Gonzo” Sanabria, as he’s being called, seems to be a decent choice. Rosenblatt is just completely a non-starter. Pleeeeeeeeze. c’mon, this guy is an embarassment, even for miami.

    Quesada seems pleasant, but non-descript and not much zest. a little green, too. some people like that (witness withers, kerdyk). i expect a little more.

    the other candidates are really non-entities, ain’t gonna win.

    Gonzo has some life experience, and served on the expressway authority — one of few public agencies that seems to not screw things up too badly. i think he will be the one up there who will ask the right questions, and the right follow-up questions, to the administration.

    let’s not kid ourselves. on the current commission, it’s basically slesnick and cabrera who are the only ones who do that now (especially cabrera). withers, anderson and kerdyk…. well, let’s just say they add a new dimension to the word deferential when it comes to their city managers.

    so there’s my take on this race.

    as for the mayor’s race….. Cason is a Tea Bagger in drag. way too far out for my tastes. i’m glad slesnick called him out on his criticizing other people’s public pensions while collecting one himself. touche!

    korge is really trying to move out of his brother’s shadow. watch his face when someone says to him, “hey, is your brother chris korge, the lobbyist?” he should have run for commission instead. oh, in case anyone is wondering who is behind the attacks on Cason, it’s Korge. That’s how it works.

    So that leaves Hizzonner, the incumbent. I’m hardly enamored by him. Let me make that clear. But in all, he’s done a decent job. So there.

    Oh, yes, I will vote for Kerdyk. He’s harmless. I say keep him around for another 4 years. Especially since Namon is just an old, craggy malcontent.

    • AnEconomist? says:

      Why does your post sound like a front for all the FOP endorsed candidates?

      • Antonio says:

        why do your posts sound like you are deadbeat brad’s toady? that said, if you support someone other than deadbeat brad then i will ignore your inflammatory remark toward me.

  6. TheIT says:

    I got this email blast from Sanabria. It spells it out in black and white and he committs to an agenda and timeline. He’s my Dog in the race for Seat 4 and Quesada a future pick for 2013
    Mayor’s race is basicallly giving Slesnick a two year pass versus trying out pot luck with a career diplomat who only has lived here two years or Korge who is so negative and sour that he scares me. I disagree with giving a blessing to Kerdyk and will vote against him as a protest for his non-leadership the past 16 years he’s been there

    Dear Coral Gables Resident

    To My Fellow Neighbors, Voters and Taxpayers:

    Below are my “Ten Positions” as my initial “Pledge to the City”

    Position #1 – Taxes and Fees
    As I unequivocally stated at the beginning of my campaign; I will not vote for any Tax or Fee increases.

    I will also put forth a motion to rescind the Fire Fee.

    Position #2 – Transparency and Public Input
    I will oppose any attempts to maintain a veil of secrecy over documents of key importance and ask for the immediate release of the Biltmore audit so the public can be aware of its results and a plan of action be adopted within the next 60 days .

    I will also support public input and involvement at all scheduled Commission meetings.

    Position #3 – Pension Reforms
    I will request that the City release a “white paper” and widely distribute it to the public in fully discussing and outlining the financial liabilities of our current “defined- benefit plan” and what immediate steps can be taken to ensure that pension reforms are adopted within the next 12 months.

    Position # 4 – 30-Day Building Permit Process
    In the first meeting of my term, I will ask the City Manager to give us a “fast-track” 30-day building permit scenario so all residential and commercial owners are relieved of the lengthy and complex process of getting a building permit in our City. This can be done without affecting all the safeguards we have and we can expedite our issuances and eliminate burdensome backlogs and irritating processes.

    Position #5 – Historic Preservation and Promotion of the Arts
    Within 90 days after taking office; I will request that the City draft an action plan to dedicate all possible efforts in maintaining, up-keeping and restoring all historic buildings, monuments, gateways and fountains that are currently in need of attention. I further pledge to personally join in any outside fundraising efforts to raise monies towards this important goal.

    Position #6 – Sustainability, the Greening of Coral Gables, Efficiencies
    Within the first six months, or earlier, I will ask that a current, qualified staff member be designated to overview sustainability policies with the goal of having the City do its “best efforts” to be an ecologically responsible municipal entity that can look at ways that we can save monies while at the same time improve our environmental quality of life.

    Position #7 – The “30 for 25” Parking meter rates
    At my first meeting I will ask that the City adopt a rate change for parking meters, especially those fronting Miracle Mile, to allow for “30 minutes for a quarter” and thus relieve the stress of shoppers and diners who constantly worry about the onerous $18 ticket that should not be a dissuading factor when we consider going shopping or the theater or the fine restaurants in our beautiful downtown. That plan also includes a plan and implementation to fix our sidewalks as fast as possible.

    Position #8 – Turkey Point Nuclear Plant Expansion
    With the terrible nuclear incidents that just happened in Japan; I will immediately ask my colleagues in the Commission to adopt a resolution objecting to the proposed nuclear-reactor expansion of Turkey Point under new and relaxed safety guidelines that could greatly endanger hundreds of thousands of people in South Florida.

    Position #9 – “Meet your Government”

    I will schedule periodic meetings throughout the entire City where citizens can meet with me and public officials and let their concerns and issues be heard. I will come to you and hear you.

    Position #10 – “Getting Things Done”
    I am driven as a “results-oriented” person who has been blessed to serve with your support and common philosophies and goals. I intend to pursue all of the above plus any other worthwhile and positive efforts to continue to make this City the best and finest and you have my word on that.

    I am a team player and consensus builder that will seek unity of purpose from all my colleagues in the City Commission for the common good of us all.

    I humbly ask for your support on Tuesday, April 12th.

    Vote #40 for Gonzalo Sanabria.

    Please share this message with your friends, family, neighbors and colleagues in Coral Gables.

    Thank You.


    Gonzalo Sanabria

    Candidate, City of Coral Gables Commissioner, Group 4
    Please log onto my website at http://www.gonzalosanabria.com

    If you do not wish to receive any further campaign emails please reply to info@gonzalosanabria.com & your email address will be promptly removed.

    Political advertisement paid for and approved by Gonzalo Sanabria for City of Coral Gables Commissioner, Group 4.

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