Electioneering Report – April 5, 2010 (Updated & Corrected)

Tuesday saw one phone call, a recording of Ralph Caberra‘s voice urging me to vote for Gonzalo Sanabria. The message properly identified itself as paid and approved by the Sanabria campaign. It had decent sound quality too.

I also got four mailers: a Slesnick (Mayor), a Quesada rerun (Group 4), a new Sanabria (Group 4), and Kerkyk 4-pager (Group 5). Update: The scans are below.

More interestingly, I had a one-hour talk with Frank Quesada yesterday morning, which I will write up as soon as possible. He struck me as a very earnest and sincere person. I think he’s basically well to the right of me, but I was impressed how he’d been studying the Coral Gables budget, one line item at a time.

Mayor’s Race

Slesnick makes the case for his re-election. Although it’s a bit orange for my taste, I think this is a good mailer–it has actual facts in it. And indeed, it makes the case for retention pretty well.

Group 4

Quesada has a re-run of the “Stopping Government Waste” mailer I got on April 1.
My mistake. Quesada is actually doing a series of mailers that look alike, but are not actually the same. Here’s what it looked like:

Sanabria has one of his better-looking mailers, even if it doesn’t actually say much and he thinks he has to put the headlines crooked. He should pose with his wife more often.

Group 5

Kerdyk’s four-pager is boring, but then so is the Group 5 race. Do I care about the trolley? NO, I do NOT care about the trolley. I hear each one costs a fortune to deck out with the silly decals. I’ve never ridden it. If they want more business for downtown, how about running a line to the UM campus, so all the kids without cars can go shopping there?

(You know, what I took away from this is that the other guys make big promises, but I just make small ones. I doubt that’s what was intended.)

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10 Responses to Electioneering Report – April 5, 2010 (Updated & Corrected)

  1. TheIT says:

    Sanabria did poll tracking and he has surged as he is appealling to the proper-age-group who make up the bulk of the voting public in the Gables. He is attracting ex-Rosenblatters en masse and his last fundraiser was standing-room-only since the guy can belt out electrifying and substantive speeches in a natural and convincing manner. To think a 31 yr old maritime attorney can match up with Sanabria is truly a stretch of anyone’s imagination. They are both fellow ex-Belen as Quesada was playing that card until now when Sanabria laughingly told a Quesada supporter he went to Belen too and he became lock-jawed whle the rest of the table laughed. You had to be there.
    The Herald ingnoring Sanabria was a definite ploy, a joke of bad judgement

  2. Antonio says:

    Junior (a.k.a. bill kerdyk) doesn’t like to think big either. small, simple is good! Junior likes!

    Hizzoner sure loves that orange! I bet it’s really Mrs. Slesnick who likes it. I wonder how much he got hurt indirectly from Korge’s whacks on Cason (Korge picks up votes when Cason gets whacked).

    Yes, Gonzo Sanabria, if I might call him that, should feature his wife much more. She seems very nice, having met her a couple of times. i would hardly classify him as old.


  3. TellingItLikeItIs says:

    I think “earnest and sincere” effectively describe Quesada; two qualities which are in short supply with the other two leading contenders in that race.

  4. TellingItLikeItIs says:

    For the life of me, I have no idea who rides that trolley. And why in heaven’s name is it free?

    • Mass transit is a public good and for maximum economic efficiency ought to be priced below cost. If it’s keeping cars off the road and out of parking spots, free might be a good price. I’m more concerned about the cost of the service than charging a fee (which then requires a lot of expensive infrastructure to collect, account for, secure and so on).

  5. Just me says:

    Extending the trolley to UM would be a very good idea. An even better idea would be extending it to the metro rail station on Ponce.

    • Please can you tell me more about why that would be good? The trolley already runs to the Metrorail on Douglas, so why is it important to have two connections to the train? And the “ponce” station — I take it you mean the University stop? — is kind of in the middle of nowhere. Like so many of those stations.

  6. Just me says:

    Well, it seems that I have exposed my own ignorance. I didn’t realize that the trolley went to the Douglas station. I suggested the Ponce station (yes, the University stop) to kill 2 birds with one stone: 1) get the metro rail, and 2) get UM students.

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