Electioneering Report — April 3, 2011

This morning a lady from the Quesada GOTV effort called to ask if he “could count on my support.” I said I was undecided.

Otherwise, a quiet Sunday.

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One Response to Electioneering Report — April 3, 2011

  1. TheIT says:

    I am undecided too, in a way, except that if you look at the candidates you got Kerdyk as a shoo in. At Mayor u got Korge in last place attacking Cason and Slesnick which will bring a monolithic hispanic vote for Cason and then in Group 4 you got 80% of hispanic aligned with Sanabria whether they are with Cason or Korge or Slesnick and 60% of the Anglos pledged or heavily leaning to Sanabria as all say Quesada is a kid who is not ready. So, even though I am undecided I see Kerdyk and Sanabria and then it gets murky with Slesnick vs Cason and Korge out of the picture

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