Channel 10 Sheds Light on Rosenblatt’s Financial Past

That push poll I wrote about the other day suggested that Coral Gables Commission Group 4 candidate Brad Rosenblatt had a history of various financial problems. Of course, just because it’s in a push poll doesn’t mean it’s true.

A couple of days ago I emailed Mr. Rosenblatt at the email address on his campaign web site, and asked him to respond to the push poll. There was no reply. Meanwhile various commentators on this blog have been writing in to say they found things, including court records, suggesting there was smoke if not fire. Now Channel 10’s Todd Tongen steps in with Questions Raised About Commission Candidate’s Past. Rosenblatt Says Former Problems Made Him Better Candidate.

First fact: the Brad E. Rosenblatt who got sued about Channels International magazine, and who later declared bankruptcy is the same Brad Rosenblatt who is running for Coral Gables Commission.

Second fact: He says he was the victim in the affair.

The magazine failed, money was unaccounted for, and eventually Rosenblatt was arrested.

“Actually, I was arrested based on those false accusations, correct,” Rosenblatt said.

“I was the victim in this. That is correct,” Rosenblatt said. “There was no wrongdoing.”

[Former investor Richard Olsen, whose son was Rosenblatt’s partner in the venture] said Rosenblatt stole more than $88,000 meant to pay vendors and make payroll, resulting in more than 100 bounced checks.

“My name may be on the checks, but I was young at the time and I didn’t fill out the checks. I didn’t send out the checks,” Rosenblatt said.

“You signed blank checks?” Local 10’s Todd Tongen asked.

“That’s what I was asked to do by my business partner’s father,” Rosenblatt said.

Rosenblatt provided plenty of paperwork that he said shows it was all a misunderstanding. Eventually, adjudication was withheld and the records were sealed.

Rosenblatt was 22 25 [Edit 3/11: I have spoken with Rosenblatt and he says 25] at the time and blames it on youthful ignorance. He says he’s learned from it, and become “fiscally responsible.”

Final fact: Both Maria Anderson and Dorothy Thompson have endorsed Rosenblatt.

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3 Responses to Channel 10 Sheds Light on Rosenblatt’s Financial Past

  1. TellingItLikeItIs says:

    So, Michael, are you excusing the facts?

    • Michael says:

      I was trying to be neutral.

      • Whatsup says:

        Public Records are just that, Public. It is easy enough for the public to access them, and are actually there, on the web for the benefit of the public’s knowledge. All of the poll accusations were and are there. These accusations of one candidate supposedly unfairly bring up another candidates legal issues or bringing up accusations , in a whisper campaign are totally ridiculous and a cop out, candidates don’t need to do this.

        Public is Public, and, its there on the web under the Clerk of Courts Site for all of us to read and learn, it definitely must have been accessed by the Powers to Be in Coral Gables, the Condo and Neighborhood Associations in Coral Gables, the Mayor and the rest of the Public Officials who so vehemently endorsed Mr. Rosenblatt. Shame on you, selling the City out before doing your Due Diligence., but then again, Coral Gables is used to this from all of you.

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