Something is Wrong at the Washington Post

No, not what you think.   Something new — this:

I’m used to seeing certificate error mismatches here and there, but “(Error code: sec_error_revoked_certificate)” sounds more serious. I wonder what happened?

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One Response to Something is Wrong at the Washington Post

  1. Melinda says:

    Best guess would be that they had a new certificate issued and the old one revoked, but didn’t get the new cert deployed quickly enough (or you hit the window). The reasons for getting a new certificate are mostly benign – wanting to add subject alt names, wanting to switch to a different provider, etc. – but it could also be the case that the private key associated with the certificate was compromised in some way. I’d tend towards the benign explanation, but I do think it’s pretty terrible that users see this kind of thing. There are a lot of usability problems around PKI, and this is a pretty good example of one.

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