The Miami Herald Is Boring

It still boggles my mind that the Miami Herald can be so boring when there's so much talented state and local coverage online.

Today's Herald front page gives most of its real estate to a large, competent, story on property taxes. (“As market values plummet, tax bills still rise.”) Yes, it has some take-home value. But it doesn't say anything I haven't read in the Herald before.

The Herald routinely gives prime placement to predictable columnists such as Myriam Marquez (motto: “boring and conventional since 2009”), while burying on an inside page one of its few remaining, Fred Grimm Today's Grimm column was typical — a solid double. In Nut preacher hits jackpot in digital age makes the somewhat predictable point that Terry Jones is a cheap publicity hound, but illustrates it with personal experience from growing up in 50's West Virginia in an “unpainted, plumbing-free clapboard house where I lived with an aunt and her hard-preaching husband.”

Worse, the political coverage just isn't even close to being all it could be. The Herald could save itself it would just buy in some talent from online. Where — other than the soon-departing Beth Reinhard will you find anything to equal The Reid Report or Eye on Miami? How can the Herald stand to be so outdone?

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4 Responses to The Miami Herald Is Boring

  1. Rick says:

    Joy Reid does write a column for the Herald.


  2. michael says:

    Where do they hide it? She’s not listed on the columnists page.

  3. mfr24 says:

    The Herald tells us that voters in Miami-Dade oust Mayor Alvarez in the largest local recall effort in U.S. history and yet there is essentially no coverage from the Herald whatsoever, save a few articles with the kinds of access and information that make it seem as though they are covering some unexpected big event in a far away land, as usual. Using only the Herald, one is hard-pressed (and I still have not succeeded) to find the actual results of the recall election along with those amazing things people who follow an election might be interested in, percentages of total vote received! It’s simply incredible.

  4. Just me says:

    mfr24: I could have sworn I saw “the actual results of the recall election” on the front page of the Herald on Wednesday. It’s Friday, so I no longer have a copy to scan for you. If you still have the Wednesday paper, read the article on the front page. I believe the information you seek is there.

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