Quick Quiz

What do the following names have in common:

Dean, Felix, Gustav, Ike, Noel, Paloma

Answer will be posted (below the fold) tomorrow unless someone gets it in comments. Don't Google this; it's too easy.

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4 Responses to Quick Quiz

  1. Steve Vladeck says:

    I think I know this, but only because I wrote an exam issue-spotter all about Hurricane Paloma (and the effect it could have on the 2008 presidential election) in 2007… is there something more to the link than strong hurricanes (all at least category 4, if memory serves) from 2007 and 2008?

  2. Kenneth Fair says:

    I’m guessing that all the storms were large and destructive enough to have their names retired. I know that was the case for Dean, Gustav, and Ike.

  3. Kenneth Fair says:

    Ah, yes, that was it. Here’s NOAA’s list of retired storm names.

    I remember looking at that list last year. The interesting thing about it is that, while many of the names are instantly recognizable to those of us who live on the Gulf Coast, many were completely unfamiliar, even storms from just the past few years. (You also realize from that list just how destructive 2005 was – five names retired, all the way down to Wilma.)

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