Shorter Miami-Dade Ballot Guide

Here's a quick summary of my recommendations for the lower part of Miami-Dade ballot — the non-partisan races that often don't get the attention they deserve:

Circuit Judges – Group 45: Samantha Ruiz Cohen

Circuit Judges: – Group 62: Robert Kuntz

County Judges – Group 7: Edward Newman

County Judges – Group 11: Flora Seff

School Board District 6: Dr. Kitchka Petrova

Charter Amendment Eliminating the Office of County Manager: NO

Home Rule Charter Amendment Authorizing County Commission to Abolish Municipalities of Twenty or Fewer Electors: YES

Home Rule Charter Amendment Relating to Franchises: NO

Explanations for these suggestions will be found in these five blog posts:

Part I: Introduction
Part II: Circuit Judges
Part III: County Judges
Part IV: School Board, District 6
Part V: Miami-Dade County Charter Amendments

Early and absentee voting in Miami-Dade is now open. Details on how to register and vote are in Part I of this series. I'll try to remember to re-run this post on election day, which is Tuesday, August 24th.

(Meanwhile, perhaps this summary will attract the South Florida Daily Blog?)

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