Florida Politics Remains Weird

Sadly, the height of coverage of the Florida primary election may be this report in the St. Pete Times, A view inside the Florida political circus.

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One Response to Florida Politics Remains Weird

  1. rickscott says:

    Just to set the stage: I am a moderate Obama ’08 voter but not a bleeding heart. Rick Scott is running an add that he wants to drug test welfare recipients. I think that is the funniest proposal I have ever seen on a political TV ad. My wife who is a long time democrat also thought it was hilarious. I think we will both vote for Rick Scott for s#*ts and giggles – he is such a sleezyball but he has a certain appeal. I heard that a few weeks ago that he labeled golfers as “lazy” when making a speach to some conservative voters. Personally I think golfers and welfare recipients are both “lazy”. Just my thoughts after a few drinks. UM Law 1Ls good luck. The one thing I hated the most as a 1L was Elements with the bald guy with purple splots on his head.

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