Jessica Morris Elected Amnesty International USA Vice-Chair

jessica-morris1.jpgCongratulations to Jessica Carvalho Morris, UM Law's very dynamic and stylish Director of International Graduate Law Programs, who has just been elected Vice Chair of Amnesty International USA.

Here's a striking portion of the press release,

Carvalho Morris’s father was tortured while serving as a U.S. missionary in Brazil during the military dictatorship. He was kidnapped by the Brazilian military and subjected to electric shocks, beatings, and food and sleep deprivation. After 17 days, he was expelled from Brazil even though official charges were never brought against him. As a result of her father’s experience, Carvalho Morris has dedicated her life to ending torture and other kinds of human rights violations in the world.

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2 Responses to Jessica Morris Elected Amnesty International USA Vice-Chair

  1. Just me says:

    I just noticed you national debt ticker…HOLY $H*T…that thing is mesmerizing-and terrifying.

  2. Randy Paul says:

    I voted for her. Glad to see it was a good choice!

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