Ed Bott is Celebrating

It seems there's a nifty new free tool out to explain Where has your Windows memory gone?:

… for us Windows geeks, today is a red-letter day, … RAMMap is a memory analyzer, a lightweight tool (272KB) that gives you a very detailed look at exactly what is your system’s memory is up to right now. It presents its report in a tabbed dialog box whose opening page is a colorful, well-organized bar graph

Download RAMMMap or read more about it.

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2 Responses to Ed Bott is Celebrating

  1. rososusilo says:

    thanks, for the info

    nice article

  2. Chevy says:

    Nice. I’m installing it right now. I run a lot of programs and every once in a while something seems to tie up my ram and I can’t track it with task manager. Be interesting to see if this can point out my problem.

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