How to Pay My Medical Bills: The Chicken Plan

Nevada GOP Senatorial candidate Sue Lowden has a great new plan for folks like me concerned about their medical bills: chicken.

As Steve Benen summarizes it,

To briefly review, Lowden, the favorite to beat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) in Nevada this year, recently encouraged voters to “barter with your doctor.” On Monday, Lowden reiterated and expanded upon this, praising a health care delivery system in line with “the olden days” when those seeking medical care “would bring a chicken to the doctor.” Despite the mockery this had already received, she added, “I'm not backing down from that system.”

The mockery is now in full swing. Here's an example: Sue Lowden's plan to pay for health care? “Bring a chicken to the doctor”

The folks at the hospital seemed very nice, but I don't think that turning up with, say, 2000 chickens would win me many friends or much of a discount.

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5 Responses to How to Pay My Medical Bills: The Chicken Plan

  1. Joe1 says:

    My father was a doctor, but I don’t think that the university that I attended in undergrad and law school would accept chickens as payment, either 30 years ago or today. Since she’s in Nevada, maybe we could trade coupons for future services for medical services. I could do four hours of business consulting services for a colonoscopy, for example.

  2. Chuck says:

    How about a test?
    Everyone out West,
    Show up at the Hospital Business Office and see if you can “Negotiate” with a few chickens, or even $500 Cash vs the $20,000 plus you owe them above what your plan covers?

    Call the local Channel 3 or 6 News, tell them you’ll show up at 10:00 PM with Cameras as you try to use Chickens to pay the Dr’s and Hospital, get some TV coverage and see what happens.

    What’cha think?

  3. Keith says:

    Actually, this might be a viable plan in certain parts of South Florida. I used to manage a number of HOAs around Miramar and Pembroke Pines, and constantly found homes keeping chickens in their backyards. Could this be indicative of a thriving medical service/livestock bartering system in southwest Broward?

  4. Joaquin says:

    Sounds like your better….

  5. Jane says:

    I don’t think that professionals will go with this terms of payment. What would you expect from every professional? Imagine the big hassle for this style, professionals render their services then afterward, they need to work in order to convert their fee as money.Jane @ rain boots

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