Sanity Check

Would it be insane to fly to DC on Friday for a conference? A really really good conference?

Update: It looks like it is canceled.

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6 Responses to Sanity Check

  1. cathy says:

    Assuming the airports reopen, do you have a reliable method of getting from the airport to your conference? DC and Montgomery Co. aren’t even attempting to plow at the moment, and there’s a decent chance the Metro won’t have aboveground service back by Friday. National airport station, WFC station(the one you can get to from Dulles via bus) and Greenbelt (the one you can get to from BWI via bus) are all aboveground.

  2. elliottg says:

    Yes. The conference is likely to be lame due to lots of other people not being there.

  3. Jim Carlson says:

    Don’t. On Tuesday DC was still a mess from Saturday’s storm. And now there’s another 12-16 inches on top of that.

  4. Joe1 says:

    You should be glad that you didn’t come. The streets are still in bad shape, and there are horrible potholes everywhere. On Friday morning, it took me two hours to drive from northeast DC to montgomery mall, and almost as long to drive back. This is the heaviest snowfall that I have seen in my life, and I grew up in the upper midwest. My previous heaviest snowfall was a 20-inch storm in Omaha in 1975. All three jurisdictions in the metro area (DC, Fairfax, and Prince Georges) get no higher than a C minus for their snow removal efforts from me.

  5. car games says:

    Even the south side has faced such bad circumstances , the roads are in real bad shape, but the snow removers are there to do their job every morning . it seems that nature outplays their efoorts and they seem helpless.

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  6. JNeelbauer says:

    Inquiring minds have to know; what DC conference was so enticing as to tempt blizzard travel?

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