Pray for Us All

This is the real cost of terrorism — or rather, of a surrender to the fear of terrorsim: Bomb Scare Diverts Plane to Philly. Yes, making the world safe from tefillin.

Osama & Co must be laughing themselves sick over this one.

Is there a good recent estimate, anywhere of the full cost of airline 'security'? I don't mean just the TSA's running costs, but the remodeling of airports, the extra delays for passengers, the extra inconvenience caused by the moving of parking and cab ranks away from terminals, and so on?

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3 Responses to Pray for Us All

  1. Random thoughts:
    1. Nobody on the plane had an internet enabled device to google Tefillin? Also, how does a plane that leaves New York not have a single other Jewish passenger that can vouch for the kid? Even most reform Jews are aware (I think?) of the practice by Orthodox Jews. I read the plane was headed to Kentucky, but still…
    2. Let’s see if the young man handles the situation gracefully, or if instead he stoops to the level of CAIR and tries to extort money from the airlines over a simple cultural misunderstanding.
    3. Coming to an airline near you soon: Santerians beheading chickens in the lavatory.

  2. Just me says:

    Affirmative action hits airport security. For years we have been giving innocent Muslims all kinds of crap in airports. Now, in the name of parity, we are giving innocent Jews crap in airports. Well done! LOL

  3. cathy says:

    I have to agree with Jewish Marksman. The plane left from NYC, a city with a really large number of Orthodox Jews ranging from mondern to various shades of chasidic such as Satmar, Borbor and Lubavitch. Lubavitchers have been known to jump out of their mitzvah van and strap tefillin onto randon passersby that look Jewish (kidding). The idea that people on the plane would think bomb rather than prayer just seems odd given the location.

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