Off to Boulder – Missing a Great Conference at Home

Today the University of Miami Law Review is hosting an absolutely first-rate conference on administrative law under Obama called The Future of the Administrative State.

And I can only attend the first third of the event, because long ago, before they picked the date for the UM event, I agreed to go to another, very different and also first-rate event, The Digital Broadband Migration: Examining the Internet's Ecosystem at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I hate to miss so much of UM's event, but I have to leave for the airport soon.

I have a special fondness for Boulder, as I spent a very happy summer there soon after I got married. (I followed the judge I was clerking for, who had a house there.) It's a beautiful place, in a way very different from home. No palm trees, but mountains. And snow. It was spectacular in the summer; I've never been there in winter.

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