Talk on ‘Privacy Aspects of Data Mining’ Today

I'm speaking this afternoon at the 2009 International Workshop on Privacy Aspects of Data Mining (PADM09). At 3:30 I'll be one of the panelists, speaking on “Privacy in Databases: From Theory to Practice”; my presentation will concentrate on legal rights to be anonymous.

Conveniently, the whole show is coming to town and will be held at the Miami Beach Resort, 4833 Collins Avenue, which sounds like it should be nice.

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2 Responses to Talk on ‘Privacy Aspects of Data Mining’ Today

  1. Rhodo Zeb says:

    I need technical standards and tools through which to safely transmit information. My very web-print is easily identifiable, (between this site and the gbv db, both regular destinations), so all I can do is mask my entire online session.

    The pages I open are automatically scanned for certain features, and web proxies are identified and banned.

    This stuff really matters.

  2. Adam says:

    All it takes is one or two hours of one graphic designer’s time to save us from header images such as these…

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