Obama Gets the Health Care Bill He Wanted

Don't like the way the health care bill is shaping up? Glenn G. says Blame Obama.

Sounds about right to me.

Note that this is in one sense worse than the expansion of the war in Afghanistan. Obama promised us more war in the campaign. This health care bill — and the administration's Rahmian maneuvers about it — breaks several promises.

(The war and the health care bill both involve life and death decisions; arguably the war is worse as so many of those being killed have not even a theoretical say in the matter.)

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4 Responses to Obama Gets the Health Care Bill He Wanted

  1. aliah drone says:

    The war is a shame but Obama didn’t start the war hes trying to end it. It is a shame that so many people have died in Afghanistan he has visited over there and it is a shame to say that our president isn’t is to blame for the war i personaly think that the heath care can help people if you’ve seen some kids we have out here sick and dieing because the dont have some type of health care how would you feel if that was you and your kids if yall was sick and you needed someone so thats what hes trying to do for the families that have to go through this everyday. So don’t blame the people who is trying to help you like Obama. This is written by a 8th grader at J.P.King in franklin my name is Aliah D. and i have all this mind and more about what Obama is trying to do for his country.

  2. Blaming Obama is an easy out, but the reality is that the Democrats are really a party of many colors ranging from conservative to progressive so trying to get them to align is an unwieldy task to say the least. Obama is a man of compromise and seems to be most comfortable in such situations. He wanted to work with the GOP even when they only wanted to see him fail because he values compromise considerably so now, allowing the compromises to take place within the reform discussions is more of the same. He will only take action if no compromise seems possible.

  3. Adam says:

    As someone who is “uninsurable” in Florida (read: I can not buy private insurance for _any price_) I was hoping for a single payer plan to be put into effect immediately. That being said, I will be satisfied if recision and pre-existing condition exemption are done away with. Does it solve our long term budgetary problems regarding healthcare? not even close, but at least I will have the option to quit my job at the megacorp, should the desire arise.

  4. What puzzles me most about Obama’s broken promises is my prior belief that politicians from Chicago were honorable and ethical. I will now view promises from Chicago politicians with suspicion.

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