CDG Strikes Again

Let me just say that I am never checking a bag through CDG again.

I had a 1 hour 40 minute connection, which became a little over one hour connection when the plane was late.

I made it. The bag did not. The very very nice and cheerful man at LHR said he was sure it would be on one of the many later flights and I'd have it today. Things used to be slow when they were busy, but they don't have so many travelers this year, so things are quick. (Moral of the story: lose bags in recessions?) Then he gave me a toothbrush and some basic toiletries.

Odds are increasing, though, that he was an optimist. I just spoke to the very perky phone person at BA baggage services. The good news is that the bag has been located. The bad news is that — two more missed flights later — the bag is still in Paris. If it makes the 5pm flight, I just might get it today if UK Customs are fast. Ha. Otherwise, I get it tomorrow. (I hope I get it before I check out.)

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One Response to CDG Strikes Again

  1. Mitch Guthman says:

    I’m surprised that you changed at CDG and continued on via LHR. I’m not sure this is always the case but my experience has been that flying CDG-LHR actually takes longer than taking a taxi to the railway station and then the Eurostar. It’s very pleasant and relaxing and with fewer delays. If you are not locked in, you might try it on the return.

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