Worst Pun in NYT Front-Page Headline Ever?

Is this the worst pun ever to appear as a headline to a front page article in the NYT? The Loin in Winter: Hugh Hefner Ponders His Legacy.

Dull article, though. Who cares if Hefner is or isn't going broke, dating 20-year-olds, aging, or sponsoring a six volume biography?

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2 Responses to Worst Pun in NYT Front-Page Headline Ever?

  1. It’s a little slice of sociology masquerading as celebrity profile – lots of interesting stuff there under the fluff-cover (cultural changes in sex and gender roles, business shifts from the Internet, personal end of life reflections).

  2. Emily says:

    Maybe he thinks he needs six volumns because there’ll be a lot of pictures. He knows that pictures sell.

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