More Great Publicity for the Miami Law Foreclosure Fellowships

You know you are having a good day when 'Above the Law' (ATL) writes something positive about you — and that was my experience this afternoon with University of Miami Law School Puts Some Money into Public Service.

In addition to not making me look bad — indeed, making me look nice — I especially liked the conclusion of the piece,

The recession has created a huge need for legal services. And it has created a glut of laid off or unemployed lawyers. But matching the attorneys to the work is difficult because it is tough to pay off law school debts by helping low income families fight off foreclosure proceedings. Miami’s programs aren’t going to fix that fundamental disconnect between the cost of law school and the need for legal services.

But the school has taken a nice step in the right direction. The fellowship stipend might not be much, but it is infinitely more valuable than lip service.

ATL is best known for ribbing or even bashing lawyers and law schools…and the commentators in its threads are ferocious on a good day, and worse otherwise. (Indeed, the first comment on the article reads, in full, “Suck it.”)

The law school also got a good write-up in the ABA Journal's Miami Law Grads Get $10K Foreclosure Fellowships to Fill Legal Services Gap.

Update: Even nicer write up at South Florida Lawyers. Thanks guys.

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  1. Thank you — it’s a great project!

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