Winning “Why I Went to Law School” Videos

WSJ Law blog reports that student-loan company Access Group sponsored a contest — a $10,000 scholarship to the law student who produced the best sub-four-minute video explaining the inspiration behind his or her decision to go to law school.

Here's the winner, from Chapman University Law School, Branigan Robertson's “Discovering Inspiration”. It's good.

Runners up: Ana DeFrates, University of Texas Law School; Anna Grace, Northeastern Law (I liked this one a lot); Joseph Duerst, Arizona State; John Grimm, Georgetown; and Ted Cardos, NYU.

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3 Responses to Winning “Why I Went to Law School” Videos

  1. Joe1 says:

    Whatever happened to “working in a factory on an assembly line is ok, but I can’t see myself doing that for thirty years?”

  2. Just me says:

    Or “I’m not ready to get a real job, I’m no good at math, and dead bodies creep me out…might as well go to law school for three years.”

  3. michael says:

    “Law is about (almost) everything that matters.”

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