Florida’s Senator Nelson Votes Against the Full Public Option

Nelson votes against public option. (To be fair, Nelson voted against the full-blooded public option proposed by Sen. Rockefeller . Sen. Nelson said he would support a watered-down version being pushed by Sen. Schumer. Not that this will pass the Finance Committee either….)

Glorious moments from Sen. Nelson's career:

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One Response to Florida’s Senator Nelson Votes Against the Full Public Option

  1. Just me says:

    I hear ya’. Sen. Nelson is not much of a Democrat, and I also have trouble with many of his positions. The thing is, I always wonder whether putting the full court press on moderate Democrats is such a good idea. It appears to me that when we punish moderates for their views, that we end up with either more Republicans, or more polarized politics.

    Then again, I am not one of those liberals currently complaining that our majority is wasted because of the “Blue Dogs” and the Senate counterparts’ role in restraining the left. Instead, I say take what we can get, and be happy that the “Blue Dogs” don’t do as Sen. Specter did to the Republicans. If every “Blue Dog” or “Blue Dog-like” Democrat went Republican, the Republics would DOMINATE Congress.

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