It Begins

I have my first meeting with my (rather large) Torts class this afternoon.

I suspect the greatest challenge I'll face this term — other than the sheer size of the group and the unfortunate room geometry (it's narrow and deep, and full of mini-jumbotron TV screens in the back half) — is mediating the tension between the need to go really really slowly and the nagging desire to get to the even more interesting stuff in the back of the book. My current syllabus has me doing a pretty standard torts course, without the fun extras. But it's not like you can decide not to do negligence this year.

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2 Responses to It Begins

  1. AC says:

    True, but you do not have to cover every intentional tort either. I use assault and battery, and mainly the issue of intent, as a template for others and then move on. I get to negligence fairly quickly.

  2. ian says:

    here is a fun add-on for contemplating duty of care/foreseeable plaintiffs (etc…)

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