NYT on Dan (and Clicks)

NYT does the Dan Froomkin story — although their focus is on the issue of when/whether newspapers and other media should let traffic/popularity determine what stays and what goes.

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One Response to NYT on Dan (and Clicks)

  1. Rhodo Zeb says:

    Which, of course, is a derivative issue to the real story, and hardly worth mentioning in the same space.

    Thanks for reducing the issue about what happened to Dan to “should popularity force editors’ hands in content decisions”, NYT. Like it is about Paris Hilton coverage or something. Popularity.

    Because we surely wouldn’t want the hard-working NYT editors to have their decisions dictated to them, they are clearly so good at making these decisions by themselves.

    Of course, we should not expect to ever see the term “accountability journalism” in the NYT, because that would just make a (further) mockery of the organization.

    I wonder why NYT is so darn unpopular that it loses money? Good riddance, NYT, and don’t let the door…

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