Notes from the Meritocracy Factory

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The author, who has an SAT-prep-firm, took the test in order to see how essays are graded. As an experiment, he wrote the most morally evil essay he could, praising Nazi eugenics. The official SAT rules don't talk morality, promising high scores to an essay that,

effectively and insightfully develops a point of view on the issue and demonstrates outstanding critical thinking, using clearly appropriate examples, reasons, and other evidence to support its position.

And, indeed, he got high marks.

I am sure this explains something, but due to the low quality of the reasoning in his work while in government I am loath to say that this something is John Yoo.

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  1. I missed your point because that all reminded of the big mid term paper I had to write in 12th grade (catholic) religion class. It was about Satanism, and I researched the shit about it because it was fascinating.
    I received an A++
    From a nun.
    Ahhhhh the good old days.

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