Negative Results Advance Science Too

2849348027_b80224aae2_m.jpgI have just completed a multi-day experiment whose results I wish to report here for the first time, since I understand that negative results are not normally considered publishable in peer-reviewed journals.

A large pile of exams, closely observed over a period of days, will not grade themselves. These results are reproducible. Furthermore, altering the test protocol to pay no attention to the exams does not appear to alter the outcome in a measurable way.

This result is discouraging, but I thought I should report it anyway. Now I'm going into seclusion to grade them manually.

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3 Responses to Negative Results Advance Science Too

  1. dr_weisenheimer says:

    Your results are not quite correct. They will grade themselves via quantum mechanics.

    Law students have scientifically observed that law school exam grades are random. Therefore, if you randomly assign grades to each exam without actually opening them, you will actually achieve the precise expected results. As such, the exams grade themselves. Your effort of reading them and attempting to apply a grade merely produces a different random distribution.

  2. I once lost my grade paper. I was convinced that it had simply vanished into the ether. This suggested to me that some papers simply don’t need to me graded.

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