My Brother Told Me Not to Say Anything

If you're coming here to read about that, see Glenn Greenwald, Wonkette, or Andrew Sullivan.

Update (6/19): Dan's comments and the Post Ombudman's account.

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16 Responses to My Brother Told Me Not to Say Anything

  1. so, you do everything your brother tells you? Firing Dan Froomkin is stupid, stupid, stupid, and worthy of comment, regardless of your relationship with him!

    Dan will always have a special place in my heart, because he was the first “mainstream” media source to notice my work on Bush’s military records. (Dave Niewart mentioned it because he knew my work from Salon’s TableTalk on the 2000 Florida election, you read Niewart and mentioned it here, and Dan picked it up from here and mentioned it!)

  2. Melinda says:

    Well, crap.

  3. Joe1 says:

    The Post shrunk by 30% in the last month. They kept all the hacks (Fred Hiatt, Krauthammer, the faux doctor, and Richard Cohen, serial adulterist and resident bigot (Cohen hasn’t yet recovered from the attacks led by Cathy Hughes of Radio One regarding the first ever cover page of the Washington Post magazine in 1987)). A good portion of WAPO’s revenue comes from the foreclosure notices. I think that it is time to let this one go.

  4. Randy Paul says:

    While I understand your respecting your brother’s wishes, let me just say that if keeping the likes of Krauthammer and Cohen while getting rid of your brother, means at least to me,that Dan is honored by being excluded.

  5. Ann Bartow says:

    I’m in China, where I cannot access the Feminist Law Professors blog but I can read yours. Must stop cussing so much in blog. But I’m tempted to cuss here in your comments about this dastardly deed. Sorry to hear about it, hope the WaPo is very sorry, very soon.

  6. Mike H says:

    I guess Dan’s wasnt one of those hundreds of thousands (or was it millions, I forget) of jobs that Obama’s stimulus was supposed to save. All that slobering for what?

  7. Rhodo Zeb says:

    I am sure this is not easy for Dan, so my condolences. This is likely to create a lot of uncertainty and change in his life.

    But he should wear this like a badge of honor. He fought the good fight every day, and is highly-respected for it.

    Greenwald called Dan a real journalist. That says it all right there. And we all know he is one of the few, or at least one of the few prominent, examples of the genre.

    Ann, I doubt your blog is blocked because of language. Ta-Nehisi Coates swears a lot, as does Thers of Whiskeyfire. But they are both unblocked. Well, typepad goes out of course, as do the comments.

    Many sites, though, are blocked for uncertain or no reason. I complained about Calculated Risk being out so time ago; and then right after, for the first time ever, it got unblocked before this recent internet crackdown began. Great.

    When in China, install the gladder add on for firefox. Unless they put you on super block, then it gets real tough.

  8. KevinHayden says:

    Be sure to tell your bro’ that this longtime blogger remains a huge fan of the Froomkins and I will look forward to where he lands next because he’s well-demonstrated his journalistic skills, his principles and his Net savvy for years. His next employer will mine his goldmine happily, I’m sure while the WaPo edges towards extinction or irrelevance.

    It’s a tough economy but Dan’s excellence should make his next landing a piece of cake. Perhaps he could help TPM get to the next level of future journalism. Wherever he goes will certainly do very well.

    (And a shout out goes to his equally enlightening brother).

  9. Sue Ann says:


  10. Greytdog says:

    Just pass along that Dan’s got a LARGE base of folks who appreciate his work and insights. And we’re hoping to see him back in action soon – we need him to keep stirring the pot while making great food for thought & action. No comment on WaPo – is it still in business??? bwhahahaha

  11. Adam says:


  12. ACD says:

    No further reason for me to read the WaPo

  13. BroD says:

    Watching the WaPo’s slo-mo suicide is almost riveting.

  14. I hope to see the Salon and the Huffington Post in a bidding war for Dan. They’re insane if they don’t snap him up.

  15. It’s an extremely sad commentary about what’s valued in blogging :-(.

  16. Please do let us all know as soon as your brother begins publishing an interim independent column on a personal wordpress/blogger/drupal site, so we’re not caught without his insight as we wait for him to be snapped up by Salon or HuffPo, as Peter suggests.

    He is going to publish an independent column, right? I mean, that’s just obvious, RIGHT? If he thinks he needs technical assistance, I would like to insert myself at the head of the line of “Tech-Savvy Washington-based Folks Who Would Jump At The Chance”. Resume available upon request.

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