Firefox Anti-Ad-Cookie Plugin

Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out (TACO) :: Firefox Add-ons:

Sets permanent opt-out cookies to stop behavioral advertising by 40 different advertising networks, including Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and nearly all other members of the Network Advertising Initiative.

Recommended. Even if you have a cookie-blocker (or SpyBot Search and Destroy), this is better, since those just delete cookies, leaving you open to the next one that comes along. This places the opt-out cookie and protects it.

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2 Responses to Firefox Anti-Ad-Cookie Plugin

  1. Orshe says:

    The other “must have” in my opinion is the “Better Privacy” Firefox plugin here:

    It helps manage/remove Flash Cookies also known as an LSO or (Local Shared Object) which never expire, and simply deleting your browser cookies does not remove them. They have 100kb storage as opposed to the 4kb of a regular cookie so they have the capacity to do a lot more, and stay on your system indefinitely.

    The troubling thing is, most people are completely unaware of Flash Cookies.

    *Dang* I just went to submit this, and saw Michael already covered this addon in the related posts below this input box. Oh well no point deleting this, it’s worth another mention.


  2. Adam says:

    My initial instinct is to hide my infomation as much as possible, but other than our shopping habbits being illegally seized by the government, what exactly do we gain here? Do we really want to live in a world of un-targeted marketing? it seems like if advertisements could actually show me something I was interested in buying it might make my online experience even better. I guess I am divided here, but please inform me the errors of my thinking.

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