Can’t Hurt

In Solidarity With Iranians I changed my Twitter location to Tabriz and the time to +3:30 GMT.

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  1. steven says:

    Just as long as you’re not DDoS‘ing, Michael. That would be stupid.

    I’ve been thinking about calling the FBI to complain about Josh Koster (Esquire):

    . . . . The link that I repackaged and distributed on Twitter this week was to a tool called It does exactly what you’d expect it to do: refresh whatever Web site you want at whatever frequency you set. Sure, the site’s intentions center more on winning eBay auctions than, say, affecting the outcome of a democratic election, but democracy’s a loose term in Iran. All people had to do, then, was click my link and leave it open, and the lie-spewing servers of The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) would be slammed 3,600 times an hour.

    So anyway, my tweet didn’t take long to catch on. (I work in political new media, so the people I interact with online really know how to make some noise.) . . . .

    But perhaps better than the FBI, perhaps the EFF could do more good here…. if someone like Jennifer Granick could reach out and contact that Esquire twit. Someone could politely explain the law to him.

    It’s been pointed out that politically motivated DDoS attacks aren’t anything new. But I don’t have to like them. No matter who the target is. These attacks affect everyone on the ‘net.

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