The Miami Herald Doubles Down on Boring

As if it wasn't boring enough already, the Miami Herald picks one of its more boring columnists to be editorial page director: Columnist Myriam Marquez to lead Herald editorial board.

It doesn't help that she's also a don't rock the boat moderate conservative. Not someone to offend many readers, certs, but not someone to sell many papers either.

In a further sign of Not Getting It, consider this quote from the article announcing the appointment,

“The blogs are great — they offer quick snapshots of the prevailing winds — but only the board can look at the big issues like the future of the Everglades and money for education and thoroughly research them.''

Oh yeah? How come I learn more (and sooner!) about area water issues on this blog than in the Herald?

How come I learn more (and sooner) about the candidates in local elections from blogs than I do from the Herald?

How come almost all the columnists (except Fred Grimm, Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry when we can get him) and 100% of the editorials in the Herald are boring and uninformative?

This isn't the sort of appointment that is going to fix the real problems at the Herald. Oh for the days of Jim DeFede and Ana Menendez…

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  1. But they do carry the WP syndicated writer’s group, so you can read something really exciting, like David Broder.

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