HTML Footnoting Made Too Easy

Law professors rejoice; the rest of the world undoubtedly will see this as a sign that the web has gone to Hell: behold the Footnoter!

Footnoter lets you embed footnotes in the middle of an HTM document. [[For example, this might be a footnote]] It looks for the designated delimiters, pulls the footnote out, puts it at the end, and leaves a hyperlinked number in its stead. It defaults to the quick-and-dirty HTML that uses <sup> to superscript the number, but the Advanced section lets you instead insert CSS classes for the marker in the text, the marker that precedes the footnote, and for the footnote itself.

Early beta now, but once an idea like this is out, it can never be suppressed.

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One Response to HTML Footnoting Made Too Easy

  1. interesting idea, I don’t use a lot of footnotes right now, but I could see this being helpfull if I start using them more.

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