Heading Home Back to My Great Job

This was a very good conference (#iiw). Now back to reality. Sort of.

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4 Responses to Heading Home Back to My Great Job

  1. John Flood says:

    I used this same cartoon in my blog too! It’s wonderful…

  2. Just me says:

    I aspire to work in academia (or the government). Pay sucks, but you can’t get fired and have no real responsibility. LOL. Any suggestions on getting one of these gigs would be appreciated. I am sick to death of litigating BS cases (even the good ones end up as BS cases).

  3. michael says:

    To work in legal academia, the main thing is to publish a few articles. I wrote a note and a book review (for the Texas Law Review) while in law school, and then worked pretty much every other Sunday for a few years to write a strong draft of my first article before going on the teaching market. Unfortunately, expectations are higher now, and two articles — or one and a strong draft — would be a lot better than one draft.

  4. Just me says:


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