Virtual Worlds Will Not Solve This Banking Crisis

Jesus Diaz, Determining the Money Supply of a Virtual World,

People have been studying virtual worlds for a while now, but there has been little discussion on the money supply. Currently, most virtual world developers do not publish data on the money supply and so I developed a method in estimating it. Using economic theory and the exchange rate, I was able to check the accuracy of my estimate. After applying my method to World of Warcraft, I believe there is over nine billion gold on North American servers. If that gold were converted to USD, it would be worth $192 million, and if the same held true for all World of Warcraft players, there would be $747 million.

Not close to enough to help with the current banking crisis, alas.

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3 Responses to Virtual Worlds Will Not Solve This Banking Crisis

  1. foogooDan says:

    Care to share this estimation formula?

  2. eric says:

    But the real question is, if Wall Street were run by WoW guilds, would things have turned out better?

  3. Was someone proposing to nationalize World of Warcraft?

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